Friday, 25 May 2012

Add new URL to Blogger from 123 reg

I don't know about you, but I always struggle with changing over things like URL's and making sure that the redirects work properly and... Well your blog still appears once you are finished!

I have changed the URL's over from lots of my blogsa now, but everytime I struggle, so I decided to change this once and for all and write it all down.

Open up your blogger interface and in a separate window open your 123 reg account (sign in etc)

So here it is, the long and painful steps of how to change your Blogspot URL over to a domain of your choice (hosted at 123 reg)..

Firstly, I found it easier to change the URL over by switching to the old blogger interface by clicking the cog, and selecting 'Old Blogger Interface'. I don't know why but I can't seem to find it in the new one. Once selected follow these steps:


> Settings
> Publishing
> Custom Domain
> Switch to Advanced Settings

Still with me? Good. Next, and trust me when I say this as I have made this mistake, open 123 reg in a new window and copy the URL (copying the URL prevents you from mis-typing the domain name and balls'ing up the change over early on.

Back to blogger - Paste your new URL into the 'Your Domain' section, make sure that you include the 'www.'.

> Fill in the Captcha
> Save Settings

Back to 123 reg - OK, now we have to manage the DNS records in 123 reg or in simpler terms point the new URL at the right location (your blog in blogger).


> Manage: Your domains

> Advanced

> Advanced DNS tab

Next you need to delete the existing two records that show in the account already, simply delete each record by clicking the dustbin (don't delete the MX recorrds - if they are there , that's your email).

Delete the two records showing in the account.already.

Back to Blogger


> Advanced Settings
> Learn more

Learn more looks like this (I struggled to find it)..

 In the pop up screen click the  custom domain link

Then click the following three results as follows:

Copy the Google IP's, for me they were:

(although I would double check if I were you).

Back to 123 reg -

Copy the information into the 123 reg account, this should look as follows:

Now, in blogger help it says to make the CNAME   

This is a falsehood that cost me days without a good URL, the blog will not redirect until you add a '.' on the end so it reads  Amazing that Google haven't picked up on this yet!

Save setting s and you are done.. 123 reg usually takes a few hours to repoint the blog to the new URL and blogger redirects the URL's to the right addresses.

That should be it... Good luck with your new blog!

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